HLAC depends on many volunteers who take on the tasks through various committees to strengthen its networks and serve Latino alumni as well as undergraduate students. Your support and expertise is vital to expand our work and impact the community at large. For this purpose, we highlight some key functions in our structure and other ways in which you can become involved:

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee (EC) consists of four officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. This committee is responsible for the governance of the HLAC through its work with the Board of Directors.

Standing Committees
Standing committees, such as Membership, Program Planning and Public Relations, are actively involved in expanding the alumni volunteer base to assist in developing and promoting new programs to better serve our participants and the community at large.

Student Sponsor
As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the generosity of Student Sponsors whose contributions allow us to grant selected Latino undergraduate students a one time monetary bookstore gift card of $500 to defray the costs of books and school supplies. A Student Sponsor can contribute the total amount of $500 or designate a smaller amount for this purpose. The sponsor’s name will appear on the Scholars Award event program.

The work of a Mentor is highly valued as one who could directly touch the life of one or more undergraduate students. Mentors are role models who, as professionals, provide students advice and guidance in goal setting and decision making at an academic as well as personal level and ultimately improve their quality of life. Special orientation sessions are provided for both the Mentor and Mentee.

There are many ways in which your talents, skills and resources can help HLAC better serve the alumni Latino and student community. You can join any of the above mentioned committees or offer to give a workshop, lead a special event, or simply share your ideas.

If you are interested please click the “contact us” and call or write us; we will respond as soon as possible.

Member Application

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(Board members do not apply they are selected through a nomination process)